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Kicked Out Of The Louvre (Not In A Bad Way)

October 23, 2017

We tested our metro skills again this morning. Once through the turnstile, Sindy handed over her ticket for me to hold on to since she had difficulty hanging onto it yesterday.

We made it to the Louvre and down to the entrance through the underground mall, which was supposed to have the shortest lines. Apparently, everyone got the same memo because the line was very long. However, when the security person saw that I had tickets in my hand, she took me aside and told me to go directly to the pyramid entrance. Her tip was appreciated because we slipped into the Louvre on the upper level with no wait.

Through security quickly, we went to get audio guide tickets. When I tried to enter the exhibition area, however, I couldn’t find my ticket. I’d put it in my pocket, but when I took my wallet out to pay for the audio guide, I must have dropped it. Panic set in – focus, retrace your steps.

I went back to where we’d picked up our audio guide, and there was my ticket waiting for me on the counter. Unfortunately, we went through this panic later in the day when, again, my ticket fell out of my pocket. Luckily, we found it on the floor by the information desk. From now on, I am in charge of Sindy’s metro tickets and she is in charge of all other tickets.

So, what can I say about the Louvre, but Wow!! Even though I’ve visited the museum on several prior occasions, each time feels like the first time. The Mona Lisa is still small, but she still has that smile. The Botticellis are still gorgeous. The Fra Angelicos still require contemplation. The Roman and Greek statues are still impressive.

Everything impressed us – except the incessant taking of selfies. Seriously people, can you pass a painting without taking a photograph of yourself standing in front of it? Again, Sindy and I started not caring whether we passed in front of or behind people while they were taking photos. We weren’t the only ones sick of selfies and selfie sticks. As we were standing in front of a lovely large Italian painting (can’t recall the artist), a group of Asian tourists gathered to take a selfie in front of the painting. They will get a surprise when they look at the photo as a very blond English woman walked up behind them and stood in the back of the group making faces in their photo. Sindy and I were cracking up.

We covered so much ground in the museum, you’d think we had seen everything – impossible. After eight hours in the museum and with many more exhibits and halls to visit, a voice on the loudspeaker advised it was closing time. All patrons had to make their way to the exits. We’d successfully closed down the Louvre, and we were being kicked out!

Exhausted from the day, we decided to forego a formal dinner and had heavy hors d’oeuvres at the happy hour in the hotel’s lounge (thank you elite status). The food was pretty good, and we could have all the bottles of water that we wanted. Score!